Citation: Bruel, N. (2004). Boing! Brookfield, Conn.: Roaring Brook Press. Boing!

Age: 0-7 years

Grade: PreK-2nd grade

Description: Boing! is the story of a baby kangaroo who struggles when the time comes for her to learn to jump.  The kangaroo is assisted in her quest to hop by her mother, a frog, a grasshopper, and a rabbit. A friendly koala comes up with a solution that has the little kangaroo hopping in no time.

Use: Boing! is a resource that could be used during a toddler or young child storytime. Students will enjoy the vibrant pictures as well as the energetic text. After the book has concluded, librarians and parents can encourage students to practice their best kangaroo hop like the character in the story. For further physical activity, children can also be encouraged to hop like all of the other animals in the story.

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Tags: kangaroo, animals, jumping

Can You Jump Like a Kangaroo?

Title: Alborough, J. (1996a). Can You Jump Like a Kangaroo? Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Press. Can You Jump Like Kangaroo

Ages: 2-4 years

Grade Level: 0-PreK

Description: Can You Jump Like a Kangaroo? is a pop-up book that depicts simple animal movements. In addition to showing the movements, the book asks children if they can join in and do the movements along with the animals.

Use: The simple text and bright pop up images make this book useful for toddler storytime programs.  The question format invites participants to join in, and children can watch the pop-up animals and then mimic their motions.

Review Sources: Kirkus Reviews(n.d). Can you jump like a kangaroo? [Review of the book Can You Jump Like a Kangaroo?]. Kirkus Reviews. Retrieved from

Tags: kangaroo, pop-up book, animal movements