Bearobics: A Hip-Hop Counting Story

Citation: Parker, V., & Bolam, E. (1997). Bearobics: A Hip-Hop Counting Story. New York: Viking.bearobics

Ages: 3-8

Grades: PreK – 2

Description: In Bearobics: A Hip-Hop Counting Story, a single bear takes his boom-box into the forest. As he plays his music, more and more animals join the fun, each doing their own dance.  As the animals join in, children are introduced to different numbers and number concepts.

Uses: Bearobics: A Hip-Hop Counting Story could be read during a toddler or family storytime to reinforce or introduce number and counting concepts to children. The rhythm of the story invites students to dance along with the animals. Teachers and librarians can read the story, and then play music for the students to do their own Bearobics.

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Tiptoe Joe

Citation: Gibson, G. F., & Rankin, L. (2013a). Tiptoe Joe. New York, NY: Greenwillow Books. Tiptoe Joe

Ages: 2 – 8

Grades: PreK – Grade 1

Description: In Gibson’s text, readers are introduced to Tiptoe Joe, a large brown bear who has a secret to share. Wearing his red sneakers, Tiptoe Joe walks through the forest inviting the different animals to quietly follow him and see what he has to share. What follows is the story of number of animals, such as a donkey, moose, and owl, trying to tiptoe along. They each make their own noises. The trip eventually ends with Tiptoe Joe showing the animals his new bear cubs.

Uses: Tiptoe Joe is another ideal book for a preschool or toddler storytime. With large pictures of the animals, rhyming text, and the use of onomatopoeia, this book will delight readers and have them wanting to go on the journey with Tiptoe Joe and company.  Librarians can encourage children to tiptoe like each animal in the story, in order to get them up and moving.

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