Babar’s Yoga for Elephants

Citation:  Brunhoff, L. de. (2002). Babar’s yoga for elephants. New York: Harry N. Abrams.  

Age: 3- 8

Grade: 0 – 4

Description: In this book, Babar explains yoga for elephants and people. The story begins with a discovery by archaeologists in Babar’s home of Celesteville: drawings to show that not only did ancient woolly mammoths do yoga, but they invented it. Using this storyline, Babar explains basic stretches and movements, while traveling to different landmarks around the world.

Use:  Babar’s Yoga for Elephants is well suited for children’s storytimes and programs aimed at teaching younger grade children yoga. The book’s narrative style invites interaction from the students:  the librarian can read the narrative, explain the poses, and then invite participants to join in.

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Citation: Bruel, N. (2004). Boing! Brookfield, Conn.: Roaring Brook Press. Boing!

Age: 0-7 years

Grade: PreK-2nd grade

Description: Boing! is the story of a baby kangaroo who struggles when the time comes for her to learn to jump.  The kangaroo is assisted in her quest to hop by her mother, a frog, a grasshopper, and a rabbit. A friendly koala comes up with a solution that has the little kangaroo hopping in no time.

Use: Boing! is a resource that could be used during a toddler or young child storytime. Students will enjoy the vibrant pictures as well as the energetic text. After the book has concluded, librarians and parents can encourage students to practice their best kangaroo hop like the character in the story. For further physical activity, children can also be encouraged to hop like all of the other animals in the story.

Review Sources: Kirkus Reviews (2010). Boing! [Review of the book Boing!]. Kirkus Reviews. Retrieved from:

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Giraffes Can’t Dance

Title: Giles, Andreae & Parker-Rees, G. (2001). Giraffes Can’t Dance. New York: Orchard Books. Giraffes

Age: 3-6

Grade Level: Babies and Toddlers

Description: Giraffes Can’t Dance is the story of Gerald the giraffe. Every year, all of the other Animals in Africa gather for the Jungle Dance, where they prance and dance to the beat of the music.  Gerald is too clumsy to dance with all of the animals at the Jungle Dance, until he finds his own beat and rhythm.

Use: With bold watercolor images and rhyming text, Giraffes Can’t Dance is a great resource for use in a young child or toddler storytime. Librarians can invite children to dance along with Gerald, or after the story has concluded, in order to incorporate physical activity into the program.

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