Barnyard Dance!

Citation: Boynton, S. (1993). Barnyard dance!. Workman Publishing Co.

Ages: 1 – 4

Grades: PreK 

Description:  Boynton’s Barnyard Dance! is one of the best selling children’s books of all time. With it’s catchy rhymes, playful illustrations, and funky dance steps, Barnyard Dance! invites readers and listeners onto the farm for a hoedown. Readers can join the farm animals, including cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, and bunnies for a lively square dance.

Uses: Barnyard Dance! is a great book for teaching students about animals through a dance-centric storytime. Librarians/teachers can read the story and ask children to shake and move along with the different animals.

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Tags:  rhyme, animals, dance, animal movements

Yoga Bug: Simple Poses for Little Ones

Citation: Hinder, S. (2017). Yoga Bug: Poses for Little Ones. Boulder, CO: Sounds True.

Ages: 2 – 4

Grades: PreK 

Description:  Yoga Bug: Simple Poses for Little Ones guides children through ten yoga poses named after insects. The poses are demonstrated to the reader through illustrations of children and insects.

Uses:  Yoga Bug: Simple Poses for Little Ones could be used in a specifically yoga based program, as a guide. Librarians and teachers could use the book to instruct children in different poses. It is also perfect for introducing yoga during a young child or family storytime. The book’s text and illustrations invite readers to move along with the insects, and provide instructions for how to perform the moves.

Review Sources: none.

Tags:  non-fiction, yoga, animals, parents and children


Citation: Van Fleet, M. (2017). Dance. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

Ages: 2 and up

Grades: PreK – Up

Description: In Dance, a baby chick learns how to dance from a friendly band of animals. The book includes jazzy rhymes such as “First thing Chickie Baby just wiggle your hips, and do the Hippopota Hula it goes like this:” that are paired with bright images of animals dancing. 

UsesWith its jazzy text and vibrant art, this interactive board book is sure to get kids dancing along! This book can be used in a program or storytime about dance or animals, and librarians/teachers can invite children to dance like each animal while the book is being read.

Review Sources:

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Tags: animals, dance, rhyme, children

Dinosaur Dance!

Citation: Boynton, S. (2016). Dinosaur Dance! New York, NY: Little Simon Books.

Ages: 1 – 6

Grades: PreSchool – 2nd

Description: Dinosaur Dance! encourages readers to dance along with prehistoric creatures in this interactive, fun board book.

Uses: This board book can be used by parents or teachers to promote physical activity among young readers. Readers can mimic the dances performed by the dinosaurs in the book, learn the names of different types of dinosaurs, and learn about colors.

Review Sources: none.

Search Terms: rhyme, animals, animal movements, dance,  differently-abled 

Shake My Sillies Out

Citation: Raffi. (1987). Shake My Sillies Out. New York, NY: Crown Publishers.

Ages: 3 months – 3

Grades: PreK

Description: In Shake My Sillies Out, animals and campers in woods at Camp Mariposa are struck by the urge to shake, clap, jump, waggle, and eventually go to sleep.

UsesThis book can be used by parents and teachers to engage children through interactive songs paired with movements. The rhythm, rhyming text, and repetitive phrases used throughout the book make it ideal for babies and toddlers.

Review Sources: none.

Tags: dance, rhyme, parents and children, animals

Move Your Body! My Exercise Tips

CitationBellisario, G. (2014). Move Your Body!: My Exercise Tips. New York, NY: Lerner Publishing Group.

Ages: 5 – 7

Grades: PreK – 3rd

Description: In preparation for Field Day, Ms. Starr teaches her students about aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Ms. Starr also teaches them some stretching exercises to prepare for the big day! Now their full of energy and ready for the beach ball relay!

Uses: Move Your Body!: My Exercise Tips is a great resource for librarians and teachers, and any adult who wants to teach children about exercise. This cook can be used to lead students through aerobic and anaerobic exercises during storytime. The colorful illustrations can be used to engage students in these fun interactive exercises that promote health.

Review Sources: none.

Tags: exercise, health, diversity

Shai & Emmie Star in Dancy Pants!

Citation: Wallis, Q. (2018). Shai & Emmie Star in Dancy Pants! New York, NY: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

Ages: 6 – 10

Grades: 1 – 5th

Description: In Shai & Emmie Star in Dancy Pants! Shai is a third-grader who loves to act, sing, and dance. When her teacher, Ms. Englert, signs their class up for a dance competition, Shai teams up with her best friend Emmie and classmate Rio. Shai initially plans to calm her competition jitters by just having fun. Until her rival, Gabby Supreme, challenges her to a bet. Now Shai has to win.

UsesThe book can be used for a storytime or program to get kids moving. Librarians/teachers can read the story and ask students to improvise the dances performed by characters in the story. Students can perform the “video game” or “crayon” dance.

Review Sources: none.

Tags: dance, diversity